Emergency Coffee for 8.2021

Another month, another edition of Emergency Coffee

Articles & Blog Posts

Opening a Small-Town Bookstore During the Pandemic Was the Craziest Thing We Ever Did by Ryan Holiday – 2020 was a tough year for many businesses, but what about those scheduled to open their doors in the middle of the pandemic?

As a Journalist, I Thought I Wasn’t Precious About My Work—Then Someone Tore Apart My Novel by Jessica Goodman – Having someone else rip apart your dream is never easy.

Hoax Diaries Were the Original Deepfakes by Anna Lockhart – An interesting look into the fake memoir


Drafting and Editing: Hemingway's Wastebasket – Maybe we should all be more like Hemingway, in that we accept that our first drafts probably need some work.


Edge Effect from Hidden Brain – It's easy to understand why we gravitate to those most like us, but doing so may not be what's best for our creativity.

Is it Ok to Write the Same Story Over and Over from writing class radio – Writing the same story over and over is a quick way to feel as if you're repeating yourself, but every time we write about a specific topic, we likely uncover something new and gain a deeper understanding of the situation or event.