Emergency Coffee for 9.2021

September is here. That means you have 30 days to figure out which font makes your writing best.


Write like a mother fucker by Sugar — Want to become a better writer? The article title hints at one strategy.

5 Pieces of Common Writing Advice You Should Absolutely Ignore by Stefanie London — I'll cancel out my giving advice in the first article by now sharing some anti-advice advice. Remember: writing advice is useful only when applied at the right moment in the right situation.

Why you should be a copycat by Daphne Gray-Grant — If you want to become a better writer, consider copying writing you enjoy. The process may reveal more than simply reading can.

No answer by William Gallagher — In fiction, characters should never directly answer a question. The story is far more interesting if they respond in other ways.

My Latest Job Rejection Email, Translated by Jenny Crowley — You've likely been hearing about the Great Resignation and all the people leaving their jobs for greener pastures. But rest assured everyone ain't having the easiest time jumping ship. Here's a (humorous) look at what some are experiencing.


Zombie Nouns: Trying to Sound Smart is a Pretty Dumb Strategy — Don't rely on nouns created by slapping on -ity, -tion, or -ism at the end. We can all write more clearly and directly without these zombie nouns.


How to get published from Content Rookie — Nicole Michaelis shares her experience with publishing her poetry collection and warns us of some things to look out for before signing on the dotted line.